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Set Boe & Mitzi Free

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This petition has been made regarding an incident that happened with two dogs named Mitzi and Boe. On Wednesday night police were called to a property on Ladysmith Road, Grimsby to attend an incident involving a domestic episode. Mitzi and Boe both live at this property and were inside the house.
When the police entered the property, without notice or permission, one of the dogs named Boe, like most family dogs would, protected his owner when she was manhandled and held by the police.
The two dogs were then led to a family property where they were both was safe.
However, the police found out the address in which the dogs were being kept and they were left for over 40hours without food or access to water.
The police cordoned off the street and guarded the house, denying access to the home owner. The owner was denied entry to their home and their dogs, and the police would not grant the owner permission to feed or give water to them. This request was made not just once but on numerous occasions and again denied, leaving the dogs without basic care for over 40 hours.
The owners offered several times to go into the property and remove the dogs safely and calmly. They again were denied access to do so. This resulted in the owner becoming anxious and the dogs becoming increasingly distressed and confused about what was going to happen next.
40 hours later when they decided to take action against removing the dogs, it was done in the worst possible way. The police broke into the property by smashing a window after being offered keys. This obviously caused even more distress to the dogs and then instead of calmly removing the dogs with sensitivity, they were sedated which then caused the dogs yet more distress and anxiety.
Denying the owners access to see, feed or water their own dogs and locking them in a property for 40 hours was wrong!
These dogs are not harmful dogs nor aggressive. They did what any other family pet would do and protected their owner. These dogs need to be at home and deserve to be back with their family where they belong.

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