Prevent the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

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The destroying of the Amazon Rainforest is a huge problem. The cutting down of the palm trees has a lot of affects. Firstly, It affects animals. Some animals are:

Sumatran Elephant. While the Sumatran Elephant is home to several of the country’s largest national parks, many areas in these parks are still being torn down—illegally—to produce palm oil. Fewer than 3,000 elephants survive on the island, threatened by illegal palm oil production. Bornean Pygmy Elephant. Only 1,500 of these animals still live on Borneo, an island where palm oil production continues to encroach on their habitat.

Sumatran Rhino. (Critically Endangered) These smallest rhinos are also the closest living relatives to the now-extinct woolly rhinos. Their population is unstable, threatened by poaching as well as the destruction of their habitat by unsustainable palm oil production.

Sumatran Tiger (Critically Endangered) The last of Indonesia’s tigers—now fewer than 400—are holding on for survival in the remaining patches of forests on the island of Sumatra. While poaching claims most tigers each year, deforestation remains a serious threat.

Sumatra has lost 85 percent of its forests in the last half-century, primarily due to conversion for palm oil and pulp plantations. The reason for the continuation of the legal and illegal logging is the funding from Asia and Africa because they already have cut down the good majority of their forests making political troubles for why this has been a problem going on for so long, as well as the fact that there is a high and slightly increasing demand of products in the industry. Palm oil is used in many products. Some of the products are lipstick, pizza dough, instant noodles, shampoo, ice cream, detergent, margarine, chocolate, cookies, biodiesel, soap, and packaged bread. We are not telling you to immediately stop using these products. You can just reduce the amount of usage of the brands that use palm oil.

Palm oil also reduces the amount of trees in the Amazon Rainforest, therefore increasing soil erosion, increasing air pollution, increasing water pollution and increases habitat loss. The Amazon Rainforest is also one of the main sources of oxygen in our earth. If YOU want to keep Earth safe, please save the world by signing  the petition.