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STOP 5G Global Community action group based out of Australia - Focused on raising awareness about 5G health concerns, 5G wireless wifi technology, 5G electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

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5G is the new wireless wifi technology that is being rolled out world wide that will soon replace 4G. There are major health concerns which you can read about below. This is a global movement and people world wide are trying to put a stop to it.

There has been no testing on 5G apart from on lab rats.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC explains in a press conference that despite the fact that there has been no testing, regulation or standards in place they are rolling it out anyway because billions of dollars can be made - his words. There will be antennas placed on street lamps and/or existing structures every 200-500 metres for it to work. Tom also says that everything that can be connected will be connected – from your car, your fridge, the products you buy will even be microchipped and connected – nothing will be untouched by 5G so this is not just about getting faster internet. What his speech here

When we question Telstra and other Telcos they say that they following ARPANSA safety guidelines.

ARPANSA who are the Australian Government dept for regulation - last did testing back in 2002 (17 yrs ago) even before 4G and certainly doesn't cover 5G technology which is 100 times stronger. Recently ARPANSA put a disclaimer on their site that says that their info should only be used as a guide for education purposes and you should seek professional advice.

The professional doctors and scientists - at least 26,000 scientists are saying it's very dangerous for your health - see links below.

Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable

Hundreds of doctors and scientists from some 36 countries have called for a stop to the rollout of 5G.

Prominent Biochemistry Professor Warns – 5g Is the ‘Stupidest Idea in the History of The World’

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