Stop Animal Abuse One Step at a Time

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Animal abuse is a big problem and there isn’t a way to totally stop it but we can lessen the numbers by having home inspections before adopting an animal. Whether it is coming from a pet store or a Humane Society, someone should be going to the homes and making sure it is a suitable place for the animal. The home inspector should go to the home once a month, on random days and times to check on the home. If the home inspector goes to a house and the owner refuses to let them in, the inspector will take their notes and suspicions back to the Humane Society and talk to the judge for the Humane Society. If the judge agrees with it they will send it to the police station and ask for a search warrant for the house. If the warrant is granted to the Humane Society they can go and check out the house to make sure that everything is going fine. If the house shows to be unstable and not fit for an animal then the animal will be seized from the home until they can prove that they can care for the animal.

   The home inspector would be hired through the Humane Society or the pet store. The inspector will go through training like the Mandatory Reporter test like teachers take to know the signs of abuse.