End the dog meat trade in Asia #DogsAren'tDinner

End the dog meat trade in Asia #DogsAren'tDinner

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The government introduced laws against the dog meat trade in China, but gave up shortly after.

People and dogs are largely affected. Vietnam and Asia have not been able to eradicate rabies, which kills 2,000 people in China every year. Meat traders try to save money in every aspect, and therefore these animals have not been vaccinated against rabies.

The dogs used are not farmed. They are stolen from loving owners and transported to their death, their collars still dangling from their necks. 

Dog meat thieves, butchers and traders indulge in cost-saving cruelty, which leads to wide-spread suffering. They are stuffed into tiny iron cages and transported long distances, with no food or water. The cages are simply thrown off the truck at the end of the journey, which many dogs don't survive. The dogs are then taken to a slaughter house or a back-alley butcher. They watch their companions bludgeoned to death with a wooden or metal pole, until it is their turn. The dogs are thrown into boiling water to remove their fur, and the unlucky ones will remain conscious to this stage. 

People need to be made aware of the situation that these dogs are facing. The more support animal welfare societies have, the greater their chance of influencing the government and organisations that watch these dogs suffer and die in thousands. If this situation isn't addressed soon, man's best friend will continue to suffer. 

Dog's have always been loyal, loving companions to humans and are willing to serve them. We them repay them but compressing them between wires, break their limbs and toss them around. It's not fair. It needs to be stopped.