Eid al-Adha: Ban Animal Cruelty in Islamic Countries

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Eid al-Adha is a 4 day "festival of sacrifice" that takes place in our calendar in July/August for Muslims and is filled with animal abuse/murder of innocent animals who are tied up and slaughtered brutally in public places in Islamic countries.
How is this suffering, torture and death what the loving God wants?? People are incredibly brainwashed by religion and what their "holy" books tell them to do and say, that they will even commit evil demonic acts, wrongfully in the name of God. So tragic and something that alot of Hindus protest against as the animals are sacred to them. Also in Cairo, Egypt it is banned.
Please wake up and petition, protest, spread the word and boycott this ridiculous, insensitive and satanic "festival". Its nothing to celebrate at all.
All my love to the Muslim brother and sisters who use their logic, instincts and love of God to stay away and are against this evil, thank you.