Prohibiting the marriage of underage .

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It is necessary to condemn and refuse the marriage of underage girls because that is considered as a blatant and explicit rape, so I invite all those who have human feelings to ask the responsible authorities to prohibit underage marriage. It must be forbidden by Shariah and therefore it is required from the Sheikhs, the fatwa departments and Al Azhar to decide on this issue according to Sharia (an Islamic Low).

Whoever say that marrying a minor is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad because he married Aisha while she was still a minor girl, I say briefly that marriage to a minor is nowadays considered rape and nothing can permit it. This marriage is rejected humanely, legally and culturally. Therefore, those who are concerned must prohibit it Islamically.

Moreover, whoever wants to stick to this habit under the pretext of following a Sunnah and the actions of the prophets, I would like to tell them that the Prophet Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son to God. Is it reason and logic for someone in our time to slaughter his son as a sacrifice to God and offer an offering of blood to the Merciful God; the God of love and peace?