Munir al-Adam to be beheaded for protesting

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Munir al-Adam, 23, arrested in 2012 in the wake of protests in the countries eastern province. He was then  tortured into confessing to involvement by Saudi police, the  torture was so severe it caused him to lose hearing in his other ear.

Munir has impairments to both his sight and his hearing, following an accident as a young child but despite medical records and a warning from a doctor that more trauma could worsen his hearing. 

Munir was sentenced to death in the Kingdom’s secretive Specialised Criminal Court, in which three juveniles – Ali al Nimr, Dawood al Marhoon and Abdullah al Zaher – also received death sentences in relation to protests. Munir was forced to write his own defence after he was prevented from speaking to a lawyer. Facing charges that included using his mobile phone to organize protests, Munir recanted his ‘confession’, saying that he had only signed statements under torture. He denied the charges, telling the court that he comes from a poor family and had never even owned a mobile phone.

Munir’s family have described him as a kind, simple young man who loves fishing. Concerns for his fate.