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Freedom And Independence for Mohajir's, to live without fear of being tortured and killed

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I am an English girl born and bred and i didn't know anything about Mohajir's until a few months ago when i crossed the path of a Mohajir, who i have been working with closely ever since. (Mohajir's are those who migrated to Pakistan from India, after the partition of British India in 1947).

During my time working with him, i have come to know of the brutal and disturbing suffering the Mohajir Nation is subjected too, on a daily basis. Mohajir's live in Karachi, Pakistan a country controlled by a ruthless Governing system namely The Pakistani Rangers and Paramilitary Forces. I quote "Most countries have an Army but in Pakistan, the Army has a country".

Daily the Mohajir's are subjected to kidnap, abuse, rape, torture and murder. They have no human rights, no freedom of speech and constantly live their lives in fear of being taken, tortured and then killed. I have seen with my own eyes proof that the Pakistan Army and the Paramilitary Rangers are committing these atrocities and sinful acts of crime.

The most recent case, which actually inspired me to create this petition is about a man named Doctor Zafar Hasan aged 73, he was a very kind and caring man with the greatest intellect, graduating from both Reading University, UK and Harvard University, USA. He was a Philosopher who always followed his heart and stayed true to his beliefs. He became a member of the MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) in 2016 at which time he accepted the role of Deputy Convener in Pakistan , a political party founded by Mr Altaf Hussain in 1978 at Karachi University, MQM believes in Equality, Independence and Freedom for all. MQM is the voice for all oppressed Mohajir's.

Doctor Zafar Hasan disappeared on 13th January 2018 when he left work to go home, his tortured body was found in the back of his car the following morning, miles away from his home. He had previously been arrested in 2016 unlawfully, he was held in detention for many months, with no access to a telephone call or visitation rights not even with a lawyer.

This unfortunately this isn't the first case, there have been thousands of cases like Doctor Hasan's and it's still happening to this day. Fathers and Sons kidnapped, tortured and killed, Mothers and Daughters kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed, even as young children they are subjected to this abuse. they have no human rights, no way of defending themselves or their families against a powerful and brutal Army, who are also harboring terrorists(ISIS), and they are funded by our very own governments. The UK and America provide Pakistan with millions of pounds of the tax payers money every year, they also provide them with weapons.

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UK Prime minister and the President of America, you all need to come together and ACT on this now.

  • The funding to Pakistan must be cut.
  • Stop providing these criminals with weapons.
  • Stop allowing Pakistan to lie whilst they harbor Terrorists.
  • Help Mohajir's gain Human Rights, Independence and Freedom.
  • End the Extra-Judaical Killings.

Mohajir's should be allowed to live a life without fear, they should have freedom of expression, they should be allowed to believe in whatever they choose.

They should not be kidnapped, beaten, abused, raped, tortured or killed.

In a world as it is today it is truly disgusting to see such oppression and disturbing behavior. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS!!! SO WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING TO ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN? IT IS TIME TO TAKE ACTION...

Dear Reader, you to like myself may not be a Mohajir nor may you be affected by the torture and suffering they are subjected to, but your signatures count and you can make a difference to their quality of life.

Please HELP me to make a change...

Thank You


Another incident today 22/01/2018, please click the link below

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