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The Billion Coin also known as Tbcoin is on a world mission to eradicate poverty in our world.The paper currency is depreciating everyday and an average man or woman in the society cannot afford his or her basic needs anymore in some countries across the globe. 

The vision and mission of the billion coin is to put a huge end to poverty permanently. It's a cryptocurrency that is growing faster daily in value between 1% to  5% daily,most people in the world are now holding onto it and they are even transacting businesses with it, but it needs to be accepted and approved globally by world leaders to find it's way into every organizations and homes.

Holding a Tbcoin at hand is something of great value because it does not depreciates but rather appreciates daily. Let us all give a global approval for the billion coin to be used in our daily business transactions and also be accepted by every merchants in the world. 

How TBC Works

TBC already has millionaires across the globe and its still making daily. Everyone too can be part of it today.

TBC is a true and complete decentralized crypto currency.

Here is how an average person can become successful with Tbcoin, first is by buying as much coin as you can and keeping it. The value of your coin will increase by 1- 5% daily. At 5% daily you have your money doubled every 2weeks .so all you need to do is buy as much coin as you can and store them in your wallet and hold on to your coin till any time you wish to sell them or exchange them or use them in paying for goods and services.

TBC is on a mission to end poverty globally and bring happiness to every home and businesses.

What makes TBC Unique among Digital Currency is simple, it has the fastest growth rate amongst others and it is decentralized

Join this revolutionary movement against paper money today.

Get registered today visit    check your email for confirmation, you may check spam or inbox, then click on the link to confirm your registration

Next is to login on the website, then locate reference and you will see wallet guide 

Make sure you click on the wallet guide then follow all the step gradually

You may open a TBC wallet here :

THE BILLION COIN............ the future of currency.

Today: Eradicate is counting on you

Eradicate Poverty needs your help with “Human Rights Campaign: APPROVE THE BILLION COIN GLOBALLY”. Join Eradicate and 1,858 supporters today.