Remove Jimmy John's ad from Hulu; do not support big game hunting!

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By signing this petition you are asking the Executives of Hulu to remove the commercial they are currently streaming advertising Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches.  We are asking them to do this in response to the allegations that Jimmy John's CEO and name sake Jimmy John Liataud supports and participates in Big Game hunting.  This is something that he has not denied. It is also something that, to my current knowledge, he has not financially attempted to rectify.  He has not paid any amount of money towards animal sanctuaries for the animals he has hunted or done anything to discourage others from participating in this so called 'sport'.  A simple sorry is not enough.  By signing this petition you are telling Hulu to remove the Jimmy John's Ad, not allow them to advertise on their site again until Jimmy John Liatuad resigns or sets up funds to rectify his mistakes and not make something as simple as watching Family Guy episodes a moralistic dilemma where you can accidentally support animal cruelty.  Thank you.