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Kudos for trying a Dad Ad but a revamp is needed to reflect REAL Dads

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The role of dads in our society is not changing. It has already CHANGED. It's old news. Moms and dads around the country have learned the dynamics of sharing responsibilities, dividing up the work and responsibilities in their daily efforts to be good parents.

For dads, that means we live in a society where it's fine to be loving, nurturing and caring parents. We view our role as parents with the same level of pride as our counterparts. We shop, we cook, we clean, we fix scaped knees, we hug, we play, we'll have tea with our daughters, we play make-believe and, yes, we change diapers.

And it's not a big deal. Really.

What is a big deal is that brands seem to have a hard time getting their arms around the fact that we do (and are quite capable and comfortable in doing so) these tasks everyday.

Who is going to be the one brand out there to break new territory and embrace what is going on in home and families around our country every day? Who is going to change their marketing efforts to reflect the reality that millions and millions of men and women are simply being parents to their kids. 24/7.

I've started this petition because I believe Huggies and Kimberly-Clark have the potential to lead this effort. Join me, won't you? And sign this petition as your encouraging support to them to be a change leader. Thanks.

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