Stop the dumping and burning on Golf Course Extension Road

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Golf course extension road has an alarming situation and has become a major threat to the environment. Tractor trolleys dump the municipal waste and construction material leftover on vacant land due to absence of (i) designated areas by the local government (ii) easy access as there is no fencing (iii) There is no policy and penalties for defaulters.

Vast amount of labor force migrated from villages live in inhuman conditions, scanty and unhygienic toilets with no system of waste disposal. One of the slum basti is present for last 5 years where the waste is either BURNED or BURIED in the ground. Open defecation is common in these vacant lands throughout the day.
The leaching from these has reached the surrounding water exposing residents to huge risk of cancer and other diseases. The burning waste has added to suspended particles in the air thus making residents prone to respiratory disorders.

There is unchecked encroachment on our green belt by building material supplier selling sand, stone and cement in the open without any warehouse. Wind and rain water is carrying these fine particles in the air which eventually enters the human respiratory and circulatory system. .

All this is happening right here on the GREEN BELT announced by the Haryana Government in their manifesto. The green belt is the only area which has been kept out of reach of the real estate developers and it is only here that trees and shrubs cab be planted to ensure purification of air we all breathe. This is very critical for our growing children and the society as a whole.

The authorities are requested to immediately do the following: (i) Designate fenced areas with monitored entry/exit for waste disposal and dumping. (ii) All vacant land/sites belonging to HUDA/ Government/ Developers to be fenced properly. (iii) Periodic checking/inspection on golf course extension road and imposing fine/penalties to defaulters. (No first warnings)