Releasing Android 8.0 to the Huawei P9-series in Europe (Kirin 95x-based devices, Round 2)

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Hello, my fellow supporters,

The German Huawei says they will not bring the Oreo update to the old continent for Huawei P9 and P9 Plus devices, due to the same "hardware and software restrictions" that they "encountered" with the Honor 8 Oreo update. Do not let them make your EU Huawei P9 (Plus) a fancy metal rubbish. If the Honor 8 can run Oreo, the bigger brothers also can. If the 2017 P8/P9 Lite/Honor 8 Lite/GR5 2017 can run Oreo, the 2016 flagships also can. If a crappy entry-level MediaTek China phone can run Oreo, the 2016 flagships also can. Do not let them make your hardly-earned cash valueless. If the phones do not get Oreo, their afterlife support will be harder for hobbyist programmers, because of the lack of Project Treble. Join the Rebellion and make the EU division of Huawei Device change their minds to make custom ROMs easier and to support these devices after their official support has ended.

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