HELP Protect Damiana and other herbs

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If you are someone who cares about our fundamental human rights to use natural herbs as medicines, then please support this move.

Sign this petition so we can save Damiana and other important herbs from being caught up in legislation, that wrongfully captures herbs in its broad spectrum approach.

With your signature we can demonstrate that there is enough public opinion for an amendment to the poisons standard to be considered. 

Working closely with Damiana, we are inundated with peoples stories of how they have returned to happiness with this simple, yet effective herb.  That's thousands of people that have helped reclaim their joy, and avoided the pitfalls of pharmaceutical intervention.

Uva Ursi, commonly favoured for its healing of the urinary tract,  is another herb that is caught up in this.

Together, we seek to change the TGA's legislation to have herbs caught up in the current poisons standard involving the phytochemical Arbutin.  Once again the poisons standard has created legislation that captures innocent herbs, when it is not necessary.

Arbutin is only listed because it has been cross referenced to hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, yet research shows that the levels of Arbutin in these herbs have no negative effect.

If this legislation goes through, it sets a precedent and leaves other herbs vulnerable to ignorant rulings, so please demonstrate your concern by signing this petition.