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Psyonix Rocket League Ban Overhaul

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There is thousands of players out there being banned for all the wrong reasons. They have a list of words with and automatic ban feature. Which is simply no way to control this problem at all. The amount of toxicity in this game is disgraceful i agree with that but there needs to be a better and clearer way of accomplishing this. I mean when your having fun with ya mates and drop a f-bomb its all in good humor and everyone is having fun. Only to find out that cost ya 24 hours of no online no trading (which is big for some of us) for a first offence. I have 1700 hours of game play and recently received my first 24 hour ban. I Had a group of 3 people wanting to defile my mothers corpse i mean wow. I told them cut it out and used mute function. So they all reported me interesting. On querying psyonix of the reason i was banned absolute no proof was given.(in fact failure to reply at all ) If i was in the wrong in anyway i would take that ban but i was not. So i am calling on the true community of rocket league to sign the petition to have this issue rectified so we can all have fun. Otherwise this game will slowly die as people are already shying away because of this reason. Sign Lets Get Some Action for our well placed money. Dont get me wrong i love the game, just this process must be fixed or its pointless to throw money down the drain.

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