Better parental control features in Firefox.

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The new Firefox Quantum does NOT help us to protect our children.

Essentials parental control features are missing in the browser. Those missing features would also need to be password protected :

  • Disable the "disabling" or removal of any installed add-ons (WebExtensions).
  • Disable Private Browsing menu option and keyboard shortcut.
  • Disable deletion of browsing history.
  • Disable Safe-Mode option and keyboard shortcut.

All of the extension that helped us to activate those features prior to Firefox Quantum are not compatible anymore with Firefox Quantum and will probably never be updated to be compatible again because of the new WebExtensions restrictions. Examples: 

  • Disable Private Browsing Plus by RichieB2B.
  • Public Fox by publicfox.
  • Plus many others!

Mozilla / Firefox, please help us protect our children! Those Feature must be included natively in Firefox!

  • We do not want our kids to be able to disable any of our Parental Control Add-ons.
  • We want to be able to validate that our *filters are working correctly by examining the Firefox History on our children account. (*filters at all levels, such as any parental control software and browser add-ons).

Currently, we feel that Firefox Quantum does not care about the safety of our children. Please help us! Please let our children live their childhood! Please implement those features!