Make Shadow of War Fortress Content Endless

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Shadow of Wars was advertised behind the core concept of Fortress Assault. The first gameplay presented by Monolith  was a fortress siege. So you can tell that they really cared about this new concept. It is expressed throughout the game that most new nemesis features relate to the Fortress content. For an example, spies, War chief spies, pits, fortress upgrades, etc. A lot of this new content is related to the fortress content. The community was convinced by how the developers talked during livestreams that this fortress content will be endless. It was only until couple of weeks until the game do people really realize that Shadow of War fortress gameplay is limited, and eventually ends. Many people will bring up the argument of multiplayer is endless. You cannot truly experience the nemesis system in multiplayer, as none of your actions have impact in that multiplayer world, so nothing is remembered.

The Issue

The problem is once you finish Shadow of Wars and its post defence game "Shadow Wars" your fortresses remain useless and you can no longer be attacked in single player. The player cannot  do anything because he or she is not achieving anything. This petition is to change that, make Shadow of War fortress content ENDLESS. Always have our fortresses at risk of being lost and attacked, so it gives us, the players a reason to come back to Shadow of War and play the game.

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