Ban Convicted Sex Predators from Furry Conventions.

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The furry community is and should be an accepting place. It tolerates a myriad of lifestyles, beliefs, and political viewpoints. It is this welcoming attitude that draws many to the fandom. But there is a limit to what can be tolerated.

The recent “zoosadism” chat leaks have illuminated abhorrent crimes against consciousness. Graphic photos, videos, and chat logs depict the rape, torture, murder, and mutilation of animals, as well as the grooming and sexual abuse of children.

A smattering of furries are defending these actions on social media. I never thought we would live in a world where it was necessary to clarify that raping dogs is wrong, but these people believe their behavior has implicit support.

Allowing molesters inside conventions will put the safety of minor attendees at risk, not to mention the reputation of any event which is seen tacitly enabling animal abuse.

We cannot ostracize based purely on internet gossip and rumor. Determining guilt is best done by our legal system. Conventions can and should recognize the conclusions of our legal system and permanently bar convicted sex predators from attending.

We the undersigned are calling for conventions to adopt the following policy:

“Any individual who has been legally convicted of sexual offenses concerning animals and children is hereby banned for life from attending our convention and any related gatherings.”

These atrocities are unequivocally rejected and abhorred by the community at large and we believe it's time our conventions reflect this with absolute clarity in their attendance policies.

Furry conventions encompass people of every color, creed, and sexuality, and should be a place for fun, fiction, and friendship- not the stalking grounds of convicted puppy rapists and child molesters.

 Sign this petition, forward it to a convention you attend, and remain in touch with them to ensure this policy is enacted.

Please take this minimal step to place these crimes outside of our community forever.