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Speed up content on Global Dokkan Battle

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I am asking people to sign this petition so that the game in question Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle can have the contents of the game sped up to either match or close the gap on its Japanese counterpart. 

As it stands with the Goku black banner as of March 20th we will be exactly 5 months behind in content, the problem you may ask? we were recently around 4 months behind which is still a very substantial amount to be behind however to then widen the gap once more we have missed out on numerous content in doing so, here are some points for example.

  • Two Fusions banners and one Heroes banner have been missed due to legal reasons that have not been explained to the community. This was addressed and explained by the Facebook community manager on a Reddit AMA. This brought a plethora of new cards and a couple of new evens to the game that have never been seen.
  • Two World Tournaments have been Postponed in order to close the gap, Super trunks has been completely missed and we are currently waiting for any news on the return of a very delayed world tournament. 
  • Content that has been released ahead of time that is unable to be completed as the requirements have never been able to be fulfilled for example, the LR androids need specific medals from events but these events have never come back since their release which was not an issue on the Japanese counterpart. 
  • Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken Goku and the Universe 6 Vs Universe 7 banners have been released so we can assume that the game does not follow the English Dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super.

Next I would like to present some data that correlates to the above problems based on open source information on revenue of both games.

(iOS) For the Global version of the game downloads are down by -10.3% for February 2017 at 186.1k and sales are down -2.6% at $1.9M
However on the Japenese counterpart of the game downloads are up by +412.2% at 354.4k and sales are up by 158.5% at $11.4M
(Android) For the Global version of the game downloads are down by -29.4% for February 2017 at 567.8k and sales are down by -29.8% at $3.3m
however once again the Japanese counterpart to the game downloads are up +273% at 216.5k and sales are up by 40.4% at $9.2M

This shows the negative impact the lack of content being added to the game has caused while the counterpart which has new content released very fluently is now flourishing even more as people make the transition over. Please take note that these statistics are for the month of February 2017. This trend has been apparent since January and has continued from there onwards.

and finally I would like to point out that if you aren't aware, the same people who make the Japanese version of the game also make the Global version of the game Once again this was confirmed by the Facebook community manager on Reddit and could be a reason to the slow release of content, this could be due to lack of man power that Global has working on its development for content updates and releases.

These are but a few of the issues we are facing and many other Gacha games do not share the problems we have, most Global/Japanese counterparts are only days to weeks behind at most.

Solution 1:

I would like to make it very clear that these are separate games, and as I'm sure many of you would agree by treating them as separate games would be very beneficial for the community and the game itself. Quite a lot of gameplay improvements do not need translation to be implemented and could be released alongside or nearer to the date of the Japanese counterpart without affecting the games longevity. For example the refresh button and sped up gameplay movements. These are two very important and useful features that have not been released. Since we may never see specific content on the Global version of the game, we could have characters that are specific to Global implemented that way they both games have exclusive content and would make each game unique.

Solution 2:

This solution is much simpler than solution one and to achieve this content would be need to sped up in order to either catch us up completely or to have us sitting around 2 months behind at most. This would help support the game and keep things new and exciting for the game and give the developers enough time to translate and implement the data into the game.

This has been an issue for quite some time and with enough support we can hopefully come to an agreement to resolve these issues that we are facing as a community.

If change doesn't happen, I fear the worse as many people are frustrated and have already made the transition over to the Japanese counterpart where the content is always new and up to date. Please let our voices be heard and help us to reach out to Bandai and show how big we are as a community and how many people this is affecting.

As someone who has played Global Dokkan Battle since its release I am saddened by these issues and I want the game I love to be restored in all it's glory, together we can make change Happen.

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