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J. Black
Hemet, CA

Jun 3, 2015 — Please scroll all the way down to the very last comment. Someone has stated they know someone who took care of Jahi's "body" in December of 2014. That would be 6 months ago. The person working there said the windows were always open due to the strong smell, there were "no pes"t strips everywhere, bug traps everywhere (roach motels) and some of the fake nails had come off and some were moldy. Jahi's body always had a sleeping mask over the eyes due to something really wrong. They also stated there would never be any new pictures.
I encourage everyone to read this. This is not a well-known blog, but it is by a licensed physician. I honestly do not believe someone would go to all the trouble of detailing what Jahi's body was really like if this wasn't true and the things stated are very realistic in nature. I also think they were afraid enough to not want to be identified.
Anyone still supporting this family need to stop praying for one second, and ask Jahi's mother for a brand new photo. The photo must have a digital time/date stamp and must not have been tampered with. ANY sane supporter can surely see the need for a current photo. How can ANYONE blindly believe in this without ever seeing Jahi herself? It's an honest request.

Note: It takes a little while to scroll through all the comments, but hang in there. You'll see it near the very bottom.


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