Ban Palladium Books from attending Adepticon & GenCon

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Palladium Books have failed to deliver on the Robotech RRT Kickstarter that funded in 2013. They have lied to and misled backers, have misappropriated funds and are refusing to comply with Kickstarter Terms and Conditions where they will not refund over 5000 backers for the items they have paid for. 
This is a shameful breach of trust, and demonstrates a clear disregard for their customers and supporters on this project. 
We believe that Palladium Books, and Kevin Siembieda need to be held accountable for their egregious actions, and we want to see them banned from attending reputable conventions where they may be using funds from this project to pay for their attendance, travel and accommodation, again in clear contravention of project rules. 
Traditionally, 'Con' in gaming circles has meant 'convention, but Palladium Books are Con Men in the traditional meaning of the phrase, and no reputable convention should engage with them until they make good on their commitments to the thousands of backers, supporters and gamers that pledged in this Kickstarter project.