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Official Call of the State Central Committee

Issued August 18th, 2018

I, Michael Thomas, First Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, do hereby call for a regular meeting of the State Central Committee on Saturday, September 8th 2018 at 10:30am. The meeting will be at the 18th floor of McGuireWoods LLP, 800 E Canal St, Richmond, VA 23219. Check-in for the meeting will start in the lobby of Meeting Center starting at 9:30am.

The agenda shall be as follows:

1. Call to Order- 10:30

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reading of the Republican Creed

5. Appointment of a Proxy Committee

6. Roll Call

7. Report of the Proxy Committee

8. Approval of Minutes from the March 24th, 2018 SCC Meeting

9. State Chairman’s Report

10. Treasurer’s Report

11. Finance Chairman’s Report

12. Previous Business

13. New Business

            a. Election of Eastern Vice Chairman

b. Election of Chairman of Republican Party of Virginia

            c. Appeal from the 6th Congressional District

14. Reports from National Committee Members

15. Reports from District Chairmen

16. Reports from Allied Organizations

17. Adjournment




John Findlay



As registered voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia that represent the Republican
and Conservatives base of this Commonwealth we present this resolution to the
Republican Party of Virginia, the Chairman of the Party, and the governing body State
Central Committee.

Whereas the Republican Party of Virginia has not won a single Statewide election since
2009, nearly ten (10) years under its current operation and policies;

Whereas during that time the Republican Party of Virginia has been run by individuals
who have not put Virginia first and foremost. Their infighting and dictatorship has cost
Virginia to be run by Democrats and democrat-lite Republicans. State Central
Committee has been consumed by whether to control by primary or convention but not
to serve the conservative base;

Whereas the Republican Party of Virginia works diligently to nominate candidates that
do not represent our principles or values nor do these candidates honor the Republican

Whereas the Republican Party of Virginia has failed on every level to unify and bring
more conservative minorities into the Party nor has it developed Ronald Reagan's “Big

Whereas the Republican Party of Virginia has stayed the course, despite having been
told Time, After Time, After Time that its policies, its procedures, and its methods were
failing and unsuccessful, and that its actions were doing more harm than good to the
brand of the Republican Party;

Whereas notwithstanding the proud history of the Republican Party, the Republican
Party of Virginia has acted as if we're in the 1950s by instituting a loyalty oath litmus test
to prevent voters from voting in Republican primaries in Virginia to support the
president of the United States during his election;

Whereas during the 2016 convention process there was no transparency to
participants to deliberately skew the delegate list against our President and to
purposefully undermined the outcome of the primary earlier that year;

Whereas the membership of the Republican Party of Virginia wishes to change course,
change leadership and select a new Chairman from the Grassroots to lead this Party into
2018, 2019, 2020 and the years to come. We demand a Chairman and Party that will
support all the nominees with full transparency and a fair playing field during any
election process;

Whereas it is the obligation of this party to represent its constituents not dictate to
them. It is the obligation of the governing body to appoint the Chairman of the
constituent’s choice and not to continue business as usual by appointing another failed
leader that is not going to support all our nominees nor our President. It is the
obligation of the governing body to cease and desist the constant infighting for control
and acknowledge the damage it has done;

Whereas State Central Committee must not wait to appoint a new Chairman and must
act prior to July 21, 2018. There are only four short months left before the Novembers
general election with no time to spare;

Whereas we demand the State Central Committee act in accordance to the will of the
constituency and not their own. We demand our Chairman of choice that will have
experience to rebuild immediately and unify our base. We demand State Central
Committee appoint our Chairman of choice that has experience with conservative
minority outreach and can expand our “Big Tent”;

Be it resolved, that the Trump supporting base of Virginia, the members of the
Republican Party of Virginia, and the conservative minorities that have been excluded
demand that Chuck Smith be selected by the State Central Committee as the next
Chairman of Republican Party of Virginia until a convention is held and a Chairman is
formally selected at that time.
Chuck Smith is a former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia Beach and
understands the job duties. He is a United States Marine (0311), a United States Navy
JAG, Commander, Ret., after 26 years of combined military service, active, inactive, and
Reserve. Mr. Smith is a 38-year immigration lawyer, fluent in Spanish, the
Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia, and who has been a Republican all his
life. Above all else, Chuck Smith has been a Trump supporter since day one, and will
follow the principles that have been outlined by President Donald Trump, under whose
leadership, the economy is booming, unemployment is down, Isis is on the Run, we are
Remaking the Judiciary, enacting policies toward getting rid of the individual mandate,
changing our Foreign policy with Iran, improving our Foreign policy with North Korea and providing a safe and better America for every American.

(see link for most updated info: http://virginia.gop/state-central-committee/

1st District Chairman Mr. Bob Watson bwatson.mail@gmail.com 1 703-986-0613 202-371-7122

1st C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Steve Albertson steven.albertson@skadden.com 1 540-538-1694 202-371-7122

1st C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Larry Kile kgrepublican@gmail.com 1 540-379-0046 540-834-0189

1st C.D. StCen Rep - Congressional Mr. Robert Cunningham rcngham?@gmail.com 1 804-436-2514 804-435-1241 804-436-2514

1st C.D. StCen Rep - Presidential Hon. Carol Dawson cgdawson98@gmail.com 1 804-462-9916 804-462-9916 804-436-3779 804-436-3779

CRFV Second Vice-Chairman Mr. Jacob Neff* Jneff@eagles.bridgewater.edu CD1 804-337-4604

2nd District Chairman Mr. Dennis Free dfree216@gmail.com 2 757-615-9542 757-427-5464 757-615-9542

2nd C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Jeff Ryer ryer@att.net 2 757-713-5333 757-476-5410 757-713-5333

2nd C.D. StCen Rep Hon. Carolyn Weems carolyn4kids@cox.net 2 757-343-5272 757-464-6674 757-343-5272

2nd C.D. StCen Rep Hon. Ashley McLeod ashleymcleod@cox.net 2 757-748-7084 757-522-0348 757-748-7084

2nd C.D. StCen Rep - Congressional Hon. Chad Green wcgreenlaw@hotmail.com 2 757-879-0400 757-879-0400

2nd C.D. StCen Rep - Presidential Mr. Wesley Edwards westel65@yahoo.com 2 (757) 442-4950

YRFV StCen Rep Mr. Dustin Rinehart dustin@barrydknight.com 2 757-672-3060 201-919-0640

3rd District Chairman Ms. Jennifer Lee jennifer.lee@usoncology.com 3 757-286-1472 757-286-1472 757-286-1472 757-213-5700 757-213-5890

3rd C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Steve Trent trent@mindspring.com 3 757-478-1805 757-478-1805 757-238-7743 757-399-0642

3rd C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Carol de Triquet caroledetriquet@aol.com 3 757-484-0542 757-484-0542 757-537-5707

3rd C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Bill Coburn wcoburn@charter.net 3 757-238-8307 757-238-8307 757-407-0311

4th District Chairman Mr. Jack Wilson jack@jackwilsonplc.com 4 804-796-6813 804-796-6813 804-690-0911 804-425-9474 804-425-9475

StCen Caucus Rep. Hon. 4
4th C.D. StCen Rep. Mrs. Barbara Tabb Barbara.tabb@gmail.com 4 804-399-3574 804-452-4310 804-931-0844

4th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. 4
4th C.D. StCen Rep Ms Carey Allen careyallen69@gmail.com 4 804-640-3510 804-640-3510 804-523-8139

StCen Ex-Officio Hon. John Hager johnhager1@comcast.net 4 804-355-6210 804-355-6210 804-754-6698

5th District Chairman Ms. Lynn Tucker 5thdistrictgopva@gmail.com 5 434-251-0746 434-927-5732 434-251-0746

5th C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Renee Maxey reneetmaxey@gmail.com 5 434-390-8203 434-392-9451 434-390-8203 434-392-8161

5th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Ed Yensho edyensho14@gmail.com 5 434.962.3450 434.985.2736 434.962.3450

5th C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Joanne Holden jmtholden@gmail.com 5 540-525-3881 540-297-8896 540-525-3881 540-719-0690

5th C.D. StCen Rep - Congressional Mr. Will Kirk willkirksmail@gmail.com 5 (434) 610-1463 (434) 610-1463

5th C.D. StCen Rep - Presidential Mr. Travis Witt traviswitt@usa.com 5 540-761-0386 540-761-0386

National Committeewoman Ms. Cynthia Dunbar cynthianolanddunbar@gmail.com 6 434-218-0670

6th District Chairman Miss. Jenniffer Brown 6

YRFV President Mr. Dan Webb danielwebbva@gmail.com 6 434-209-5404

Western Vice Chairman Mr. Wendell Walker wendellwalker2@yahoo.com 6 434-944-4008 434-384-8685 434-944-4008

Western Vice Chairwoman Mrs. Nancy Dye nancy.dye57@gmail.com 6 540-989-4118

6th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Nate Boyer nateboyer@msn.com 6 434-546-3340

6th C.D. StCen Rep Dr. Steve Troxel doctroxel@gmail.com 6 434-258-5326

6th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Joseph Sonsmith joseph.sonsmith@gmail.com 6 540-325-6839

6th C.D. StCen Rep - Congressional Ms. Carrie Thompson carrieryp@gmail.com 6 540-206-5332

6th C.D. StCenRep- Presidential Mrs. Anne Fitzgerald taetzsch@yahoo.com 6 540-255-5398

First Vice Chairman Mr. Michael Thomas mthomas@surreywood.net 7 804-517-0215 804-517-0215 804-775-1908

Treasurer Mr. John Selph john@forestcs.com 7 804-270-0791 804-437-2027 804-270-0791 804-421-4183

Finance Chairman Mr Jerry Kilgore jkilgore@cozen.com 7 804-775-1933 804-364-0960 804-920-6079 804-775-1933 804-775-1061

7th District Chairman Mr. Ben Slone sloneb@fml.com 7 804-556-3828 804-556-3828 804-840-1776 804-556-1180 804-556-1183

VFRW President Ms. Ellen Nau ENau45@aol.com 7 804-320-2719 804-366-8741

7th C.D. St. Rep.- Presidential Mr. Mark Hile markahile@juno.com 7 804-539-3130 804-288-6408 804-539-3130

7th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. David Ross David.l.ross@saic.com 7 571-594-0814

7th C.D. StCen Rep Hon. Susan Lascolette susanl@reagan.com 7 804-338-3843

7th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Dewey McDonnell dewey@poslinker.com 7 540-272-4393 540-272-4393 540-672-1212

7th C.D. StCen Rep -Congressional Mrs. Nancy Smith vagrassroots2015@gmail.com 7 804-305-2417

VFRW StCen Rep Mrs. Marie Quinn mquinnbonair@aol.com 7 804-272-0865

House Caucus St. Cen. Rep. Hon. 7
Senate Caucus StCen Rep Hon. Siobhan Dunnavant dunnavantdelivers@gmail.com 7 804-833-8334

National Committeeman Mr. Morton Blackwell mortonblackwell22201@gmail.com 8 703-243-7660 703-243-7660 703-346-1338 703-247-2000 703-247-2023

Legal Counsel Mr. Chris Marston chris.marston@gmail.com 8 571-482-7690 571-482-7690

8th District Chairman Mr. Mark Kelly chairman@vagop8cd.org 8 703-548-8444

CRFV Chairman Ms. Nadia Elgendy nadia.elgendy.14@cnu.edu 8 703-472-2118
Eastern Vice Chairwoman Ms. 8 703-739-5924

8th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Charles Keller charliekeller2001@yahoo.com 8 703-505-9512

8th C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Sandy Liddy Bourne alexandrabourne@msn.com 8 703-517-3585 703-799-0954

8th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. David Foster david.foster@nortonrosefulbright.com 8 202-662-4517

9th District Chairman Mr. Adam Tolbert atolbert@smythgop.org 9 276-496-5246

9th C.D. StCen Rep - Congressional Mr. Aaron Spradlin aaron.spradlin@yahoo.com 9 276-620-5489 276-620-5489

9th C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Michelle Jenkins kmjlaw@mounet.com 9 423-571-2671 423-571-2671 423-571-2671 276-525-1405

9th C.D. StCen Rep - Presidential Ms. Marcy Hernick hernickm@gmail.com 9 540-808-3920 540-808-3920 276-498-5244

9th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Corey Scott coreyas@vt.edu 9 276-219-7970

9th C.D. StCen Rep Mrs. Susan Edwards ssedwards2@verizon.net 9 540-314-9131 540-380-2753 540-314-9131 540-562-6764

RPV Chairman 10
Secretary Mrs. Jill Cook cooks471@gmail.com 10 703-624-3896 703-624-3896

10th District Chairman Mrs. Jo Thoburn chairman@vagop10.org 10 703-909-4070

StCen Caucus Rep. Hon. Jackson Miller jackson@jacksonmillerva.com 10 703-244-6172

10 C.D. St. Cen. Rep. - Congressional Mr. Andrew Nicholson andrew@andrewnicholson.us 10 540-247-1501

10th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Mark Sell mark.sell@gmail.com 10 703-307-9172 571-258-0462 703-307-9172

10th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Puneet Ahluwalia puneet109@gmail.com 10 703-283-6644 703-283-6644

10th C.D. StCen Rep Ms. Eve Gleason emsolideogloria@gmail.com 10 703-307-0885 703-554-8755

CRFV First Vice-Chairman Mr. Jack Koltisko jnkoltisko@gmail.com 10 540-905-5681

11th District Chairman Mr. Paul Prados pprados11thdistrict@gmail.com 11 703-909-0321 703-909-0321

11th C.D. StCen Rep Mr. Ryan Rauner ryan@raunergroup.com 11 703-943-7079

YRFV StCen Rep Ms. Erika Dyer Erikadyergop@gmail.com 11 703-906-6368

VFRW StCen Rep Mrs. Linda Bartlett lleatwo@aol.com 11 703-425-8534

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