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"History - recently a NJ Judge ruled in favor of the State that any part of the New Jersey License Plate is covered at all your are in violation of this law/rule".

This means in layman's terms - that the bracket outlining your NJ license plate on your motor vehicle maybe illegal and subject you to a motor vehicle stop on any NJ highway or roadway.

This Law/Rule "Sucks" because although you or you Family member maybe operating your vehicle in the proper and safe on the NJ highway and roadways by abiding by all of the Laws/Rules this Law/Rule can and will be used against you and your Family members while operating a motor vehicle on any NJ highway or roadway. Once you or your Family member are pulled over the NJ Officer can and may search your vehicle for that traffic stop.   

The Problem: Some NJ Police Departments are abusing this Law by pulling over random Drivers in the State. Some NJ Police Officers are using the Law to racially profile Drivers in the State. This affects all races not just one particular race but all races. This also affects Law abiding Drivers in the State for no reason you to maybe selected randomly and ticketed. This affects all Drivers in the State of NJ on any NJ highway or local roadway. Once you have been pulled over or stopped by a Police Officer in the State of NJ they have the right to search your vehicle with out a WARRANT, since the State of NJ has also taken away the Drivers Right to Refuse a Vehicle Search without a Public Hearing or Vote by the State.

The Goal: Raise the attention and the awareness to all DRIVERS in or passing thru the State of NJ. To have the Law/Rule over turned, vacated or edit to RESTRICT all NJ Police Officers from using the Law/Rule to pull your motor vehicle over for a Traffic stop for a License Plate Bracket / Holder that's either Factory installed by the New or Used Car Dealers and even the after-market License Plates brackets that are sold by Pep-Boys and any other Auto Parts Suppliers in the State.

The only way to force change in our State of NJ is with your support of this Petition for Change and also by contacting the State of NJ Attorney General, The Governor's Office and emails and letters to Division of Highway and Traffic Safety  !!!

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