We want to customize our lockscreen style in HTC Sense 5.5 !

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We love to have a different wallpaper at lockscreen rather than having the same wallpaper in the homescrren and the lockscreen. Having customizable lockscreen is suppose to be our beloved feature on HTC Sense and how come this feature was being removed on the update of Sense 5.5 with Android 4.3 !

We just wanna ask why HTC need to make this change to remove a feature that allows people to customize their lockscreen? Even with some people who wanna disable the whole lockscreen and now they have got nothing to choose !

The changes on removing the customizable features on homescreen are only making all HTC phones to become monotonous and being indifferent to other Android smartphones.

We strongly advise that HTC need to re-consider the act that removing the customizable features on lockscreens. The feature that truly make "Sense" and make the HTC Sense to be a symbol of customizability. We hope that this feature can be re-added to the next KitKat update of HTC Sense.


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