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Denouncing board member Laura Cha recent remarks comparing HK voting rights to those of African-American slaves

We're deeply troubled by your fellow board member Laura Cha recent remarks during a press inquiry for "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" in Paris, comparing the voting rights of full citizens in Hong Kong to those of African-American slaves.

First of all, we find it extremely distasteful and insenstive to compare the voting rights of average, natural-born citizens of Hong Kong to the path of voting rights of slavery. It's deeply insulting and insenitive to the public. She should immediately apologize over these remarks.

Furthermore, we're puzzled by her lack of understanding of American history, and why she failed to understand that the full ratificaion of 15th Amendment in 1870 already granted full emancipation to African-American slaves, including full voting rights. The 107-year plight of African-Americans to the Civil Rights Act, enacted in 1964 to protect African-Americans from voter intimidation, disenfranchisement and unfair voting requirements and restrictions, is not entirely dissimliar to the kind of voter disenfranchisement her and the governments she represents trying to force on the Hong Kong public.

We urge you not only strongly denounce her insentive remarks in exploiting painful African-American history for her own agenda in the public sector, but also educate her about the importance of the Civil Rights Act in American history, a landmark piece of legislation to achieve true democracy and equal rights, including coting rights for disenfranchised minorities, and a proud symbol of American democrcacy. 

We in particular would like to reach out to Miss Casey, we believe you being a Republican, the party of Abraham Lincoln, would truly understand the importance of the 15th Amendment, and the painful path from Civil War to Emancipation, and to the Civil Rights Act. 

We, the Hong Kong public, will not stand these remarks likening our rights to slavery, nor will we stand the kind of voter disenfranchisement her and her assoicates attempt to perpertrate on the Hong Kong public. We do understand her work in the public sector may not reflect her work at HSBC, but we do feel strongly that her insentivity and disregards for the general public may affect her judgment in handling the governance of HSBC, the largest bank in Hong Kong, holding the largest reserve of our cash, a Hong Kong currency issuer, and a bank that the Hong Kong public is supposed to trust most. The contempt she display for the Hong Kong public in her work in the public sector deeply erode that very trust.

We strongly urge you to make a statement regarding this matter. Thank you.



The People of Hong Kong

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