Allow Backyard Chickens To Stay In Howell NJ

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Almost a year ago, I received a phone call regarding chickens being slaughtered in the street in Lakewood during Yom Kippor. The practice is called Kaporos. I won’t go into much more detail about it but you’re able to google to educate yourself more. I rescued a live chicken from a garbage can. My husband is a veterinarian was able to amputate the broken wing that had a necrotic bone sticking out of. From there, we went to red bank veterinary specialists for complications. We then did laser therapy and multiple injections daily to save her life over the course of several weeks. She opened the door for my love of chickens and I was able to save several more from various rescue situations including ones that needed veterinary care which I always provided. We recently built a beautiful set up and enclosure for our rescued feathered family members. 

Fast forward to May 22nd, a knock on my door from code enforcement. He stated there was an anonymous noise complaint regarding my rooster. I already know who complained and they’re not a resident of Ramtown. This was a personal attack. All of my neighbors have already expressed their support. I also asked my neighbors before I ever acquired any chickens. He told me since my property size is not large enough to put the coop 75ft from our property line, they had 30 days to be removed. I am currently trying to downsize my flock. I am applying for a variance and I am currently collecting letters from all of our neighbors. 

Please sign the petition to allow to me keep my chickens and please express your support for backyard chickens.