Howard University to Adopt The Howard Connection Program

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For 152 years, Howard University has been the Capstone of the Northwest section of Washington, D.C. The Pleasant Plains, LeDroit Park & Shaw neighborhoods that border Howard University faces massive and disruptive changes that are rooted in displacement as a result of redevelopment.  Cultural castration and physical displacement by way of gentrification are at the heart of the battle to remain stakeholders in the very communities that we have lived in during the roughest of times as they now experience a redevelopment rebirth.  For Howard University, this battle has come in the form of a clash of cultures between the Howard community and Howard's new neighbors who have encroached upon The Yard by walking dogs and pic-nicing on spaces that are sacred to the Howard University community.

These issues have been exasperated by the overall reception that Howard University students, faculty, staff members and alumni have experienced from many of the neighbors who have been approached concerning their decorum while visiting on The Yard.  Howard University is both a sacred and safe place for current Howard students as well as its faculty and staff on a daily basis.  It also remains an idyllic place for Howard alumni. The expectation of Howard alumni is that the campus remains a pristine and untouched citadel of knowledge and Pan African history in perpetuity.  The Yard and the Valley at Howard University hold the distinct honor of being the ONLY place in the world that has hosted virtually EVERY black leader and person of influence in the black diaspora over the past century and a half.  It must be RESPECTED and PROTECTED.

At the same time, we all can appreciate the importance of keeping the campus of Howard University as open to the local community and the entire world as possible.  While we understand that Howard University is a private institution, we also can appreciate the special historical and popular cultural status that Howard University plays in the fabric of America and world history.  This is why we the undersigned endorse the establishment of The Howard Connection Progam (HCP). Modeled after our sister university, Gallaudet University.  To address these same issues on their own sacred campus, the Gallaudet Connection Program was initiated by the university. 

We believe that this is the perfect solution to what Howard University is currently facing.  We have made a few adjustments to the Howard Connection Program.  Most notably, membership in the Howard Connection Program is NOT free to the community. 100% of the membership fees collected will go to financially support an emergency student fund.  By accessing an annual membership fee for the Howard Connection Program, members of the community can invest in the university by investing in the students.  An annual membership also reiterates the aesthetic and historical value of the campus and The Yard at Howard University.     


Howard University wants to get to know its neighbors. If you live near the University, you can become a member of the Howard Connection Program. HCP membership is $67 per year and entitles members of the surrounding Howard University communities to use specific outdoor recreational facilities and public spaces at various times of the day (track, walking or biking the campus.) 

It's easy to become an HCP member - if you are 18 years or older, bring a picture ID with your local address on it to the Department of Public Safety 2244 10th Street, NW, Suite 270 for an ID. *Applicants subject to a background check*

HCP members that are registered and have their program ID can use the Greene Stadium and designated outdoor space on and around the campus as follows:

Walk or bicycle campus streets* - 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Daily

Walk or run track* - 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Daily (when not in use by Howard varsity teams, classes, Intramural groups, or Summer Sessions)

*This schedule is subject to change depending on the sports season and any special events that may be happening on campus.

Howard Connection Program members are asked to remember:

Pets cannot be walked or brought onto campus
Members cannot bring guests to campus
Howard Connection Program member ID must be worn at all times while on campus
Sports facilities inside buildings (pool, gym, lounges) are not available to members.

We, the undersigned to respectfully request that Howard University President Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick and The Howard University Board of Trustees ratify the establishment of The Howard Connection Program with any and/or all of our suggested provisions included in a final and official policy upon ratification.

Respectfully Submitted By

1867 Society and all interested and concerned parties who love Howard University and her sacred Yard.