We Need A HBCU-To-Black Owned Business (BOB) Pipeline!

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We are encouraging all HBCU’s to develop a plan to become more involved and invested into the social and economic conditions of the Black community with specific focus on lower-income earning Black neighborhoods.

Our logical hope is that HBCU’s are producing the professional help that we need in our neighborhoods. But this hope has become a dream deferred in cities and towns around the country. However, this hope can be revived and restored and one of the best areas to start is with HBCU’s investing in small black owned business.

We are encouraging HBCU’s to develop an investment plan that will designate a percentage of their endowment’s investment funds to be utilized for the sole purpose of funding and investing in small black owned businesses.

We recognize that there are some HBCU’s who may not be in a position to designate substantial funds towards investing in small BOB’s. Granted, if the investment is a micro investment, our businesses will still benefit from this. If there are zero funds that can be invested, then there needs to be a plan to at least offer educational and professional resources to assist with supporting small BOB’s in some capacity.

This involment and investment will serve to increase donor participation among alumni/students who are current donors and those who are not currently donors will be more encouraged to become donors. As these businesses continue to see growth, HBCU’s can receive substantial ROIs (Return On Investments). With this growth, HBCU’s will be able to rely more on these BOB’s to assist with financing the HBCU’s needs including university expenses. This will allow HBCU’s to become less dependent on government funds and more dependent on profits generated from their investments in black-owned businesses (BOB’s). Gradually, this creates an opportunity for HBCU’s to become self-sufficient and 100% Independent Black Owned institutions. 

We are calling for this HBCU-To-BOB Pipeline to go into effect ASAP and we look forward to our HBCU’s response. We have identified twenty-one HBCU's as key institutions this petition will notify and we will ensure that the results of this petition reaches all HBCU’s. 

This petition was created by Jamal Abdul-Malik, owner at Bilali Coffee and two-time HBCU graduate from Morgan State University’s School Of Business (BBA) and Howard University’s School Of Social Work (MSW). 

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