Fix HU Quad Now

Fix HU Quad Now

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Howard Class of 2023 Moms started this petition to Howard University and

On August 11, 2019, 664 young women moved into the buildings of Harriet Tubman Quadrangle (the “Quad”) to begin their journey as Howard University students. What they found was an unfinished building that lacked basic security measures and access to basic facilities to provide them clean, temperature controlled water for drinking, washing, and bathing.

Unfortunately, the conditions that the women are being asked to endure have gotten worse in the past two months. They are living in an active construction zone and they have documented the following threats to their health and safety:

1. Cloudy water coming out the pipes indicating sediment.

2. An active infestation of rats, mice, insects, and bats.

3. Male construction workers being given free reign to wander about the all female dorm ogling and making inappropriate comments to the residents. Additionally, there are numerous men that are not associated with Howard University loitering outside of Quad catcalling and leering at the young women throughout the day and evening hours.

4. Flooding of bathroom floors due to sewage problems.

5. Having to use the basement as their exit and entrance point where the pipes are leaking a discolored fluid that smells strongly of urine.

There are MANY other issues such as fire alarms that trip at all hours of the day and night; elevators that don't work; and inconsistent plumbing, but the five items listed above are the most pressing for the residents' health and safety.

As parents who have entrusted Howard University with our children, we demand that Howard University and President Frederick formulate and execute a plan to rectify these issues immediately. We further insist:

1. A full housing inspection of the Quad buildings be conducted in the next week by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and Compliance Division to determine if students can continue to safely reside in Quad during construction. Additionally, the DCRA report that details the steps needed to ensure safe housing for the students should be made publically accessible to all impacted students and their parents.

2. An independent on-site water quality test be conducted in the next week by Chesapeake Environmental Lab, Inc. to assess the presence of the following contaminants: “Arsenic, Bacteria, Cadmium, Copper, Fluoride, Iron, Lead, Nitrate, Radium, Sulfur, Alkalinity, Fecal Coliform, Oil  & Grease, Ortho Phosphorus, Ammonia, E.coli, TDS, Total Phosphorus, BOD, Nitrate, TKN, TPH, Chlorides, Nitrate, and TSS.” (list taken from the Chesapeake Environmental Lab, Inc. website) The lab report should be made publically accessible to all impacted students and their parents.

3. Transparency on the University's priorities for these repairs and a detailed timeline for when the different phases of construction and repairs will be completed.

4. A document detailing the current vetting process and background checks for the construction workers that are employed to work in the Quad.

5. An increased security presence around the buildings at all hours to keep those who are not affiliated with the University from bothering the Quad residents.

6. President Frederick visit with Quad residents by Monday so he can talk with them directly and see first hand what the residents are dealing with.

While the students of Quad have received an email stating that they will be having “weekly open meetings with students where the building manager, Corvias, and the construction team will provide updates regarding the construction timeline and other pertinent information” at this point it is not enough. These women who are the bearers of what will become the Howard University legacy have been subjected to substandard living conditions for far too long. Physically, these living conditions have resulted in numerous students reporting skin rashes and breakouts. Students are also reporting that the poor living conditions are manifesting in poor sleep and an inability to study.  This must be rectified immediately and we implore Howard University to make the repair of Quad their highest priority moving forward.

If you are a parent, student, or alumni of Howard University, please sign this petition to show the administration of Howard University that the Mecca simply must do better for their students. Thank you for your support. 

-The 208 Members of the Howard Class of 2023 Moms Facebook Group 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!