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Keep our very special Starbucks Open

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We the undersigned protest the announced closing of the very special Starbucks store at 76th St. and Columbus Ave in NYC;  a store which has added enormous value to our community over the years and which, far more than any other Starbucks store we've ever experienced, has actually embodied the human and social ideals the brand presumes to espouse.

We wonder if Mr. Schultz or Mr. Johnson understand the importance or reality of this store besides its current "performance metrics". Besides the aforementioned community value, this store is a nexus with so much business potential it is staggering. It is located across the street from a large middle school that drives dozens of students in every morning (providing them with a safe shelter before and after a school) and their parents in every afternoon. It is one block from The Museum of Natural History, driving in tourist traffic from literally all over the planet. In fact the Museum employees frequent this Starbucks every day and favor of one that is closer to them to boot. It is smack dab in the middle of one of the most affluent family neighborhoods in the world with generations of loyal customers. It is across the street from one of the NYC's most popular weekend flea/farmers market. It is one block from the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade not to mention the balloon blowups the night before which attracts 10s of 1000s of tourists, 1000s of whom come to this very Starbucks that day alone. It is blocks from the finish of The New York Marathon not to mention dozens of shorter (and often socially active) races, and scarcely a week goes by where one does not see dozens of race competitors in their post-race silver thermogenic capes recovering with their friends and family supporters at this very Starbucks 

This doesn't even take into account the dozens of regulars who have been coming for well over a decade, often bypassing several other coffee shops (including other Starbucks) to do so. We trudge the extra blocks through snowstorms and heatwaves not because the Starbucks 76th Street coffee is any better than the Starbucks 73rd or Starbucks 75th Street coffee but because this store has consistently (and never more so than currently) employed a staff that is diverse and warm and welcoming and make us feel like we've found a second home. How's that for embodying the corporate mission? Your employees should be rewarded for creating such a magical place in your name, not scattered to the wind or sacrificed in the name of maximizing profits. They've done their job in your name and we believe it is your job to now do your job in theirs and we challenge you to do so.

So we, the loyal regulars, speak in behalf of the students next door, their parents and tourists from all over the world (including the ones already planning their trip here for next Thanksgiving) and the highly dedicated and diverse staff that keeps us all coming back every day.. We challenge you to look beyond the spreadsheet and see the remarkable potential and value this place  holds. Please use the great resources at your disposal in affirmation of the ideals you espouse -- and find a way keep this store open, alive, and thriving. We are happy to do our part if you share with us how we might do so by means other than just our continued loyal patronage.





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