Pets allowed in the back carriage of Sydney Trains

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I am petitioning to have pets allowed on the back carriage of all Sydney Trains. Currently only assistance dogs are allowed on Sydney Trains. This means that all other pet owners, like myself, are unable to take their pets on days out or to friends’ houses, unless they have a car.

As I do not own a car it means that I am unable to take my little dog anywhere further than walking distance from home. Whilst my dog is taken to the dog park every afternoon I would enjoy the opportunity to take him further afield from time to time.

According to the RSPCA 63% of household in Australia have pets. Changing this rule will have a major impact on many people’s ability to travel with their pet and provide them with much greater freedom. I am sure I am not the only pet owner without a car.

By restricting pets to the back carriage it will mean that any passengers who are not comfortable around animals can avoid them.

I am requesting that the rules be changed so that pets are allowed in the back carriage of all Sydney trains.