Sadik Khan removed as Mayor of London as his loyalty is only for islam in the Uk= treason!

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We, the non islamic population of Great Britain deem Sadik Khan as a traitor of our Country after blatantly stating untruths after the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester..On breakfast TV he declared that after the attacks his priority would be to replenish the head count in Emergency Services especially the Police Force after severe cuts had been made prior to him becoming the Mayor of the United Kingdoms' capital city of London...It is a fact that he has NOT delivered on this promise but is instead authorising funding for new housing estates to be dwellings for his fellow Islamic people in London...It is clear that his priority is ONLY for the islamic population in Britain and by not keeping his promises by replenishing Emergency Services he has compromised the safety of every non islamic person in Britain...Another reason we..the non islamic people in Britain want him removed from his current position as Mayor of London is the fact that he is doing his upmost to make an enemy of the USA but more specifically the President of the USA who Britain have been an ally to for many many years...Does the status of Mayor even mean it is POSSIBLE to goad,...antagonise and character assassinate the worlds' number ONE Superpower Countrys' President..It has never happened in my 50 years on this Earth and the reasoning behind Sadik Khans' attacks on President Trump is the Presidents' decision to make a travel ban legislation in the USA to make it more impenetrable for any form of future terrorist attacks..making his Country and the Men Women and Children in it much safer and less vulnerable..But Mr Khan has deemed this as a personal attack against his fellow islamic people who now cannot enter the US without intense scrutiny and vetting..which to me is completely justified after the atrocity we all witnessed on 9-11.If we deemed it possible we would also be asking for Theresa May PM and Jeremy Corbyn's positions to be instantly removed from them also as they are in positions that are higher than Sadik Khan but have not held him accountable for ONLY looking out for the well being and safety of islamic people in Britain..but also ignoring his blatant derogatory and offensive attacks on the President of the USA....The fact that Mr Khan is already campaigning falsely that President Trump is very likely to be unwelcomed as he is so unpopular and some form of target here in Britain is again FALSE information as speaking for the majority of non islamic people in Britain we will welcome President Donald Trump on his visit to the Uk with open arms..praise..respect and Sadik Khan once again is giving inaccurate information which jeopardises relations between Britain and America..which WE the non islamic people of Britain are completely against...We wish to remain being Americas' ally meaning Sadik Khan is NOT speaking for the whole of Britain at all...He and the people he cares about..his fellow islamic people in Britain are disgruntled because President Trump has made decisions in his OWN Country for the benefit and safety of his OWN countrymen women and children...Something ANY decent and competent President would and should do. Sadik Khan is a racist..a racist when it comes to the non islamic population of Britain..which is concerning..alarming and quite frankly unacceptable It is not fresh NEW news that Islam has declared war on the whole of the Western World...But there is more than sufficent and adequate proof in the form of filmed footage to prove that Islam has NO intentions on *integrating* with the non islamic people in Britain..Ironically almost ALL of their open declarations of Britain becoming an Islamic Nation in the near future..with a lovely added touch of *comply or you will suffer the consequences* are in London (surprise surprise !! ) which then makes our female PM an individual who is also betraying the non islamic population in Britain as all she preaches about is how WE must be more tolerant of islam as all they want it to integrate and live along side us in harmony...which is NOT what the islamic population in Britain are saying at ALL..They are hell bent and adamant that they would have made Britain into an islamic state and ALL population living under Sharia Law by the year 2020...SO this being said..and they have made their feelings more than clear...we DEMAND that as a NON islamic islamic mayor in ANY of our major cities and especially London..the NON islamic Counry's capital city...are removed from ANY position of authority...but our MAIN concern is Sadik Khan..who has blatantly lied about making the whole country safer but has spent the funds he should have used to achieve this on building more homes for his fellow islamic people in Britain... He is also misrepresenting the non islamic people of Britian when it comes to relations with the US and more importantly it's President and Leader...He is making the non islamic people in Britain feel unsafe..disregarded..and ignored...Where else would there be an islamic Mayor of a country's capital city when Islam has declared War on THAT Country....and THAT Mayor is sabotaging that country's stability and security for non islamics in that Country but is doing everything in his power to create stability and security for his OWN in that Country..It;s the most surreal and sinister scenario possible and we are no longer tolerating his actions and decision making...We do not TRUST him..We want it clear that when he states he is speaking for ALL of Britains' population he is being deceptive because we do NOT agree with ANY single thing that he says or does...He has publicly lied about situations that don;t exist...and NO mayor should be giving preferential treatment to one race-religion population...and when that Mayor IS of the same race-religion then it should be an intolerant scenario that cannot be allowed to happen in ANY country and should be addressed with the upmost of urgency and immediate actions taken..We the non islamic population of Britain deem Sadik Khan a threat to our National Security and a threat to our lives as we know it in Britain..WE WANT SADIK KHAN REMOVED FROM ANY POSITION OF POWER OR AUTHORITY IN BRITAIN AS SOON AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE and this petition WILL be seen and signed by World Leaders who have aired their concerns about his actions behavior and favoritism to the British Government at the time of the 3 consecutive terrorist attacks on Britain,,but their concerns fell on deaf ears which surprised NONE of us seeing as we feel that NOONE is representing us let alone leading us any longer in Britain....But is it now a huge priority that other World Leaders KNOW straight from the" horses'mouth" how WE feel about Sadik Khans' position here in the Uk...We will NOT STOP shouting until finally someone takes off the blinkers and SEES what we have seen for some time now and Mr Khan is finally removed from his post as the Mayor of London. !!!