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Theresa May Out! We have no Confidence in her and her DUP!

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With the latest UK General election called by PM Theresa May, being the most disastrous in recent years, this evidence being backed up by the Exit polls and statistics brought out by YOUGOV, we as the general Public of the UK feel a vote of no confidence started by the 1922 committee would be the best way forward for our democracy as a country and for us, the UK public. 

As the general public, who won the majority for the Labour party to step up as the main party of the UK we feel as if we have been not heard, due to the way the government electoral system works, under the FPTP system.

As the UK public we also do not agree with the DUP party having a say in our democracy as they were not a party that won a majority of votes nor a party that the public voted for. If anything, the DUP party got 10 seats. To me and many, this does not give them the right to stand with the Conservative party as the leaders of our country.  

The DUP having any say in our democracy would be a 'far cry' from the way the UK is meant to govern in today's modern society. It would also contradict the way our systems have been working for the last century. They would also disturb the little peace we have in the country with what has been happening recently, for example the terrorist attacks in both Manchester and London in the past three months. Send your postcards!

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