Stop Charter Change in the Philippines, Stop Dictatorship!

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The Philippines don't need any change in its Constitution especially in this time of crisis when people can't directly participate and even communicate directly with their representatives, both in Congress and in the Senate. Changing the Charter now when both the Houses are dominated by people who are subservient to the power-that-be would make us renege from Democracy and would only serve the alien interest, specifically China. Let's stop the rape of Democracy in the Philippines! 

Most of us know that the current resident of Malacanang Palace is a known patron of Communist China and he has been deviating from the principle of democracy by dominating all his co-equal branches of government, namely the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Military, not to mention the Commission on Elections or Comelec by using all and his extra-presidential powers and, allegedly--the country's coffers.

It is the aim of this petition to stop the desecration of our heroes' and our forefathers' sacrifices and everything that they lived and died for, thus, we, the freedom-loving citizens of this country need to unite and stop the rape of our democratic institution while we still can and we can still afford the time.

Thank you very much. May God bless us all!