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Philadelphia Family Court Judge, Lyris F. Younge is well known for her history of violating parents rights, Lack of providing due process in court proceedings, and creating Judicial parental alienation. Within her short time on the bench, Younge has amassed more appeals then any other judge in the Philadelphia Family Court Of Common Pleas, which has resulted in 9 ruling overturns by the Superior Court. Hundreds of families have been affected due to younge's unsupported decisions. Younge is suppose to preserve the family unit, and ONLY place children who are not safe and in danger. Lyris Younge has made it her goal to separate families, terminate parental rights, and adopt their children out. How can we have faith in our judiciary system when the superior court acknowledges, Lyris Younge's goal is to deteriorate the bond between parents and children. Younge has been warned many times to be faithful to the law, However; has yet to be. There needs to be a serious change made + we need everyones help to do so.

Below are quotes by Superior Court Judges during their decision to overturn Younge on an appeal and several articles that will support our change petition.

“Despite record evidence that the trail court allegedly relied upon, the one factor, the elephant in the room, is that the trail judge was and remains the cause of deteriorated bond between parents," 

“ Despite the goals of child protective service laws, the trail judge seems to have done everything in her power to alienate these parents from their child, appears to have a fixed idea about this matter."

“The punishment effectuated by the trail judge was, at best, neglectful and, at worst, designed to affect the bond between parents and N.M. So that termination would be the natural outcome of the proceedings.”

“ We find that the record herein provides example after example of overreaching, failing to be fair and impartial, evidence of a fixed presumptive idea of what took place, and failure to provide due process.”

“ In essence, this is an example of Judicially- created parental alienation.”

“ Further she prohibited evidence to be introduced that might have forced her to change her opinion.”