Stop animal sacrifice in the name of relegion!!!

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Kerala is called God's own country, a place known for religious tolerance where every religion coexist peacefully.This is the ideology we have and cherish.Temple or other places of worship is a place where we keep in high esteem in our minds on the people involved in daily operation activities as holymen,  But off late there has been disturbing news of animal sacrifices happening. In none of the religion it's said you sacrifice an animal to grant wish to a human,These are twisted statements by vested individuals to provoke and flareup religious sentiments.This time it was reported from Palakkad kerala.It was reported on April 25th a group of policemen led by Nenmara Circle Inspector Of Police. 

This is in violation of the following Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act1960 (PCA)

11(1)(a),11(1)(c),11(1)(I) , and also violates IPC Sections 428 and 429

Also violates Slaughter house rules of 2001,Food Safety and Standards Act 2006

Transport of Animals Rules 1978 (65).

Requesting kind action against the accused people .So that this illegal activity in the name of tradition or in other words this social evil is stopped once and for all.

Below are the links to the leading dailies and channels that had reported , this includes video evidence as well as photographs.