Hot Topic, go back to being Emo.

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Hot Topic has been a store many Punks, Goths, Emo, and Scene kids have loved for long. 

But slowly, They've been going further and further away from those roots. 

Now, It's "fandom central", as you might call it. Now, they've even started to sell Kpop merchandise. I doubt i'm the only one who is very annoyed by this. 

Pop Culture doesn't belong to Hot Topic. It really isn't that difficult to bring back the old logo, and keep it STRICTLY band merch with small exceptions. If they want to sell pop culture- make another store that sells things like that. Don't try and split the store into two imaginary halves where one side is "Pop Culture + Fandoms" and the other side is Emo/Goth. 

They need to stick in their own lane. There is already TONS of other stores that sell Pop Culture related items.

Also- if people are "demanding pop culture items" and they only want to satisfy their customers by selling it, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to listen to the other side of town that is asking for the opposite- band merchandise. There's likely even more people who want more "Emo + Goth" than Pop Culture- take into consideration teenagers AND the adults who had Hot Topic on their side as their local "Punk of all kinds" store. Now that you must think about it- it has to be a great amount of people. 

Now- to be specific, I do not care what bands, just bands! And no, Kpop groups, Boy Bands and the such do not count as Bands. 

Last thing- please continue supporting lesser known/local bands again. It would mean tons to a lot of people.

We want the old Hot Topic back!