Stop brutal horse abuse now

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Horse abuse is a horrific issue all across the world, with one horse being slaughtered every five minutes for human consumption. My horse was abused as a youngster and he’s been changed ever since; he was hit around the head and starved and I just find it disgusting.

Now horse slaughter, the sickening part. Horse slaughter is inhumane euthanasia. Horses are not treated well on the way to, and during slaughter. A recent poll found out that almost 70% of Americans support a federal ban. 92.3% of horses that arrive to the slaughter house are in good condition according the the US Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for Handling and Transporting Equines to Slaughter, therefore this is not a last resort. The horse slaughter industry makes a greater profit of healthy horses, therefore they seek out such animals.

I care about this and believe it should end. Do you?