Allow AAST and Scholars Students to Remain as Part of Their Base School.

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Based on the light of another petition, the students from AAST and Scholars Academy should remain as part of their base school's ranking. A student's base school is the school they receive scholarships, sports, and other awards through. By removing them, they have no chance of receiving important scholarships for their choice of college. In addition, the students will not be able to receive the title of Junior Marshall, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or other high ranking titles. 

The other petition's claim is that students from the AAST and Scholars are offered more opportunities to elevate their GPA and class rank. As a student that has attended Loris High School and is currently attending the AAST, the amount of opportunities are parallel on every account. Students are offered in-class and online Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes. Also, the AAST does not offer International Baccalaureate (IB) classes that St. James High School and Aynor High School offers. For example:

  • AP US history is offered at every base school
  • AP Foreign Language is offered to every student through duel-credit online courses
  • IB classes are only offered to select schools, not AAST or the ATA
  • Every Horry County Schools offers a wide range of honors courses to every student, regardless of school

Another important factor to student rank is the amount of effort a student puts into the course to reflect on their GPA. Students at the AAST, ATA, and Scholars Academy have to hold themselves to a high standard and push themselves to another limit to show that they deserve their place in the STEM and pre-careers programs. As a result, these students may find themselves with a higher rank because they choose to do better and create a positive image on their providers. Every student, that meets the criteria of a program, is given the opportunity to join the AAST and Scholars at the end of their 8th or 10th grade year. Horry County School's programs are offered to students that want to further their education and obtain higher knowledge on the career field they want to enter into. 

The AAST and Scholar's academy do not offer any opportunities to the students for sports and some extracurricular actives (i.e Spanish Honor Society). Thus, the students use their base schools to obtain those opportunities. Also, students receive state-wide scholarships through their base school; therefore, removing them from their base school would mean they would not be able to obtain those scholarships (i.e Palmetto Fellows). These students need the base schools for numerous reasons.The only thing unfair in this scenario is that students that do not take incentive to boost their GPA are trying to take away important opportunities to the students at the program schools. 

On a technical level, the AAST and Scholars are not actual schools that a student can graduate from. They are program providing services that give students opportunities to seek knowledge in their preferred career field. The program providers are centralized on the base schools that support them. 

As a student of Horry County Schools, please listen to me and the students that need our base school in order to work as a functioning student. The desire to remove us will only place hate and opposition in the hearts of those in our community. We are a united community that needs to operate as one, a family. Thank you for your time and consideration of this petition.

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