Victor Miller & Sean Cunningham, End The Lawsuit And Work Together To Let Jason Live Again

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We, the fans of Friday the 13th ask both Victor Miller, Sean Cunningham along with Horror Inc to end the lawsuit and find resolution over the copyright claim by working together.  

Allowing the battle to take place in court helps no one, especially not the fans of the series.  Relying on a courts decision will take years with neither side truly profiting within that time frame. Even after the courts decision one side will likely appeal the case and that will lead to even more years of not profiting on the franchise.  

By coming to a mutual agreement you both compromise and get something you want.  You find common ground and you can work together to profit both sides.  You'd also be supporting the fans that have supported you and the franchise for so many years. We want to continue to watch the franchise grow under your direction. Please support us as we have supported you.  Thank you.