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More humane methods of slaughter for pigs

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Dear Clemens Food Group , Sea Board and Triumph Foods,

We the undersigned understand you have just opened up a new hog processing plant using C02.

There is a better more humane gas you could be using which would revolutionize that way hog processors stun pigs.The use of inert gases, preferably nitrogen gas.

C02 is the gas that builds up in all  mammals, including ourselves , that triggers the brain into a breathing response. That is why we have to breath. And that is why it is such a horrible suffocating feeling if we don't.

Nature made this gas build up  so we would breath and any animal that is bred to withstand this gas wouldn't breath properly and how cruel is that? It's taken millions of years of evolution to evolve this breathing process. 

Hog processors are saying that a special breed of pig can withstand the C02 gas and therefore it is  humane.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Hold your breath till you can't anymore and that is what these poor animals are experiencing..

The big pork processors are using C02 gas because it's cheaper to use that inert gases. 

I understand your hog processing plants plan to open this year using C02 as well but you could change over to inert gases and be the leader in a really humane way pigs are processed. 
YouTube video links below prove to you the difference between using C02 versus inert gases , in which  Helium was the choice of euthanasia for the selected pig..

Helium is an inert gas but the nitrogen gas option is also inert, less expensive, non toxic and compromises 78% of our atmosphere.

In the BBC documentary 'How to kill a human being' , ( about 37 minutes into the film ) a pig preference test  preformed by Dr. Mohan Raj from University of Bristol  England  demonstrates the humane aspects of using nitrogen gas. He gave pigs a choice of what chambers of gas they wanted to enter into for food and the choice was nitrogen.Pigs refused to enter the chamber filled with C02 even though they had been deprived of food before the test.
How to kill a human being (BBC) [COMPLETE IN A SINGLE FILE] - YouTube
from Northfield Academy 


Pig Carbon Dioxide Gas Stunning (France, 2015)
4 months ago18,089 views AnimalIndustry/ 'From their first lungful of gas, these pigs 

If these links don't work, go to YouTube and search in the search bar for Pigs killed with C02 and Pigs killed with Helium. See for yourself the difference. 

Below is an article explaining the more humane aspects of inert gases.  politics/archive/2015/03/can- executions-be-more-humane/ 388249/

 As a consummer of pork products I ask you to please commit to using inert gases so I can buy a pork product knowing it didn't have to suffer during it's slaughter. This means so much to me!.

In the meantime I'll be reducing all pork intake and buying meatless sausages  and other pork substitutes, which are just as delicious, until I can find a humane pig processor company. I am willing to pay more for a product that protects animals welfare.


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