Humble Appeal To Honorable PM to Utilise Goodness of Homoeopathy to Control The Corona Epi

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Our Country is facing challenge of Corona Epidemic. Lock Down  of Country for 21 days is a great positive step in controlling the wide spread infection. As a Homoeopathic Doctors, we would like that Goodness of Homoeopathy is utilised for building general immunity so that people at large can resist possible encounter with Corona. Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy has discovered preventive medicine in Homoeopathy. It is ARS.ALB.30c potency one dose every day for 3 consecutive days. This we can implement so easily. As a team of Homoeopathic Doctors, in a group of 2, we move from Door to door in own building and neighbouring  buildings and administer this doses to each Indian. Social workers also can take up this task. This will ensure good resistance power against Corona. We would also like to treat existing Corona cases through Video conferencing free of cost. We have many sincere reputed doctors, who would take case in detail by video conferencing and suggest which medicines could be beneficial. This treatment can be given along with ongoing Allopathic medicines or Independently. This treatment is apart from usual measures of Hygiene. Dr. Manas Bhunia MBBS Dr & Member of Rajya Sabha very clearly gave his vision for welfare of people as also his testimony about efficiency of Homoeopathy