Imagine for a moment... that this was your son or daughter; killed and left to die alone.

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"On Saturday June 9, 2018 at about 3:00am, our loving son Michael Bowden (20 years old) was struck by a vehicle in Weipa, Far North Queensland. He sustained fatal injuries and tragically died at the scene. He was killed as he walked home after a fun night with friends. The driver didn't  bother to stop, he just went home to bed like it was any other normal day. Our son was left to die alone in the dark of the night. The driver was Vincent Raymond Edwards he was not licensed to drive at that time and is alleged to be driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Edwards was given a Notice to Appear in Court on driving offences, his passenger was not charged with any offence. These men are enjoying their freedom and their lives, while our son lies dead in a lonely grave. We are absolutely devastated, each day for us is a living hell".

Scott and Rachael Bowden (Michael's parents), want the laws changed and harsher penalties imposed on hit and run drivers; they need to be made accountable for their behaviour. We ask that a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment be imposed on drivers who kill people and leave the scene, this is actually manslaughter.

Please help them deliver this important message to our Ministers of Queensland Parliament and let them know that human lives matter...people can't just be killed and left to die alone.

They have personally petitioned several Ministers and the Attorney General, most are not interested in the lone voices of greiving parents. Shane Knuth MP for Hill is the only Minister willing to stand up and support them.

Please support this petition, imagine for a moment that this was your son or daughter or another family member that was killed and left to die alone.

Kindest regards on behalf of Scott and Rachael Bowden