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Grant Lilia Ordinario Joaquin permanent resident status in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver program class

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Lilia Joaquin entered Canada in 2007 and in good faith completed all the requirements of the Live-in Caregiver program. She lived with a family for over 2 years and provided care for their 4 children under the age of 8.

Once those two years were completed, Lilia was eligible to apply for permanent resident status and an "open" work permit, and so she did. However, during the years 2009-2011 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) had a terrible backlog in processing those applications. Former nannies couldn't get their open work permits until their PR applications were given "first stage approval". Lilia didn't get her open work permit until almost 2 years later.  CIC later changed its policy -- out of recognition of the hardship those delays were causing former caregivers -- and so from December 2011 onwards, open work permits were issued quickly, and separated from that "first stage approval". Unfortunately, that was too late for Lilia.

During the 2 years she waited for her work permit, Lilia lost her employment. It took her 5 months to find a new employer willing to do all the paperwork for a new live-in caregiver contract (because that was still the only kind of work Lilia was allowed to do), and then a further 3+ months for that peperwork to be processed. Lilia was desperate for income, and her children back home relied on her remittances. So Lilia made the grave mistake of doing some part-time babysitting for that second employer while they waited for the paperwork to be approved.

For this, Lilia's dreams for a future in Canada have now been dashed. Her application for permanent residence was ultimately refused. The government found she misrepresented when she at first did not tell tham about the unauthorized babysitting, although she admitted it freely during her first interview with a CIC official.

But the Canadian government has taken no responsibility for its role in putting Lilia in that difficult situation. Presently, issuance of open work permits only takes about 3 months. If that had been the case during Lilia's processing, she never would have been forced to break the rules. This is unfair.

The Toronto Star has written about Lilia's story here:

Minister Alexander, we urge you to allow this hard-working woman to remain in Canada and be processed under the Live-in Caregiver class.

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