Requesting Gov't attention to enquiry the attack on student on 04th August 2018

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For the last week students were protesting against poor road safety after two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus. The protest was going on a peaceful manner. Even the mass citizens of the Dhaka City were supporting the effort of the school and college going students and maintaining the traffic discipline on the road. But on 4th of August somewhere around the afternoon hour, more than 100 students and public were injured as police fired rubber bullets at the student protest. This was a clear stand-off between the police and demonstrators. But the government were supportive about the cause of the protest. This sudden attack on the students clearly surfacing that may be some of the government officials are not in line with the government support on the student protest. To be mentioned, in several occasions, students were predominantly stating that this is no-political movement.  

Witnesses said police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators and that alleged pro-government activists attacked youngsters, including some of those rushing to nearby hospitals for treatment. But unfortunately, Police denied they fired rubber bullets or tear gas at the protesters.

Considering the above-mentioned circumstances and fact, we the students are hereby filing this petition of the subject heading and humbly urging for a independent proper enquiry on the incident.

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