Ask Members of House Committee on Legislative Franchises to grant ABS-CBN's Franchise

Ask Members of House Committee on Legislative Franchises to grant ABS-CBN's Franchise

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To the Honorable Members of:

We, the people you represent, respectfully express our will and desire with regard to the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise.

We categorically express our support for its renewal, since to our knowledge and discerned judgment there is no compelling and valid reason not to grant its renewal. Even if there are violations or mistakes committed by ABS-CBN, none would merit denial of the renewal. They, likewise, made the commitment to correct what needs rectification and/or improvement.

Furthermore, the service that ABS-CBN has rendered and continues to render must be taken into consideration in the decision on the renewal.

ABS-CBN’s service is not only through its entertainment and news programs followed by many Filipinos here and abroad, but also through its various public service programs.

These programs support the government in providing day to day basic needs of poor families. In times of calamities in different parts of the country, ABS-CBN is there to aid the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts of the government.

We pray you will be fair and true to the nature of your office as honorable representatives of the people who have benefited from ABS-CBN’s service.

We pray you will vote with honor, voting with a sense of fairness, treating the ABS-CBN application in the same way previous applicants were treated.

Let not deprive millions of Filipino the service ABS-CBN renders in this time of crisis. Let us be realistic and honest that the void ABS-CBN’s absence will leave will take a long time to fill in. Let us not add to the sufferings of millions of ordinary and poor Filipinos by depriving them of what is a valuable part of their day that alleviates their sufferings.

We ask you, honorable members of this committee, to vote in favor of the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise.

We the people, express our support for ABS-CBN.