Petition for compassionate release of Mustafa Zulu

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Dear Honorable Maurice Ross,
Congress passed into law, the Comprehensive Youth Amendment Act of 2016, which allows those convicted as juveniles who have been incarcerated for over 20 years, to be granted a sentence reduction upon a judge's discretion. This clause can apply to Mustafa Zulu. He is granted a hearing in which his childhood, parents, and progress while incarcerated, will be evaluated to determine if his 50 years to life sentence at 16 years old for murder (with 25 years already served) will be reduced, or deferred for another hearing in 5 years.
Mustafa Zulu served twenty years of his time in solitary confinement at Federal Supermax ADX Florence Co. He was the youngest inmate, at 19 years of age, to ever be sent there. In spite of the suffering he endured, he managed to educate himself, pass his GED, keep his mental health in a functional state and create and maintain meaningful relationships to family and friends. He has proven a great capacity to self-discipline, and he is a God fearing man. He was released three years ago, from Supermax to general population. Ever since, he has managed to contribute to better knowledge of life in jail by writing articles to online newsfeeds, amongst them a very useful text giving advices on how to survive solitary confinement: Mustafa is a man who is both caring of others and ready to endorse responsibilities. Actually, he seems to cope better than most people in his situation would do, as it is rather common to become mentally ill, to show extreme mood swings and violent temper, to have misanthropy or even commit suicide when having endured what he went through. People who know him, will testify, that he has kept enthusiasm, hope and projects. He is in need for care, affection, privacy, silence, dignity, rest and a chance to give some meaning to his life. It is highly unlikely, when he can find the necessary relief of freedom, that he should ever behave in a harmful manner to anybody whomsoever. His family is willing to help and support him after release. His grandparents need his help at the family business where he could be given tasks, at a pace respecting his need for recovery. With time, his family hopes that he could entirely take over the business. They know, and all his friends know, that he has the intellectual and physical capacities to do so. This would afford Mustafa Zulu a chance to show gratitude to people who have stood by him year after year and who need, they too, some acknowledgement of their efforts. Mustafa Zulu has for many years now, regretted bitterly his crime, as all people who know him will testify.
Please show clemency and understanding of this situation, and release him without delay.

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