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Get Shawn Warczytowa out of jail.

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My friend Shawn was incarcerated back in July of this year when the state of Wisconsin decided to detain him on a child molestation charge.

Prior to Shawn's arrest, he had two other families living in his home with himself and his own family. One of these families living in his home had a step-father who sexually abused one of his children. Since then, the step-father has been detained at the same jail that Shawn is at.

The reason that the state decided to incarcerate Shawn was because the child, who was sexually abused by her step-father, did not know any better and grabbed Shawn's hand to get him to touch her. Once Shawn realized what she was trying to do, he pulled his hand away. This encounter lasted no more than a couple of seconds.

Shawn then decided to tell his father about this encounter. His father then told the mother of the child. The mother, who was also abused by her husband, understood the situation. They all decided to be as transparent as possible with the authorities during the investigation.

When Shawn was interviewed, he was woken up after only being asleep for around three hours. He was not in the right state of mind to clearly communicate the facts. Never the less, he told them that he "would have to be stone cold drunk" to have done anything in the first place. Shawn meant to convey that he would have to be out of control of his own state for him to let the child continue with the encounter.

Since then I have learned from Shawn that this part of his statement was withheld from the records. Furthermore, the length of the encounter, around three seconds, was also withheld from the records. Whether it was an honest mistake or not, the lack of these details only serves to damn him.

Shawn's bail was set at $10,000. Another inmate at the jail who was in on a strangulation charge, and who had past charges as well, was let out on a signature bail after he was deemed a no-flight risk - this inmate lived out of state. Shawn, who lives 40 miles away from the court house and has a life and family that he would not throw away, is still locked up.

The next scheduled court activity for Shawn is on January 8th, for a status conference. He will go through Thanksgiving and Christmas behind bars.

Please sign this petition to let Shawn Warczytowa out on a signature bond. I know my friend would never molest a child. The only person guilty in this whole mess is the child's step-father; Shawn shouldn't have to suffer for this.


Shawn is being held at:

Adams County Jail, PO BOX 279 Friendship, WI 53934

(608) 339-4239

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