Honourable David Coleman-please help us!

Honourable David Coleman-please help us!

5,487 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!

Firstly, Congratulations to the liberals! We are delight that Minister Coleman is still making the decision on our case. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date. The Community Support has been amazing from people stopping me in the Street to ask how they can help, food hampers and vouchers, free services from local community businesses, donations from the public and businesses, media coverage, Member’s of Parliament support to us, and finally everyone whom has signed our Petition to Date.

It is truly amazing and we are very humbled that Australians are so kind hearted!

A month ago we obtained police clearances, had our family medicals and filled in required forms for processing. The Ministerial intervention unit have been friendly and we have provided them with everything to date. 

We therefore ask Honourable David Coleman, The Minister for Home Affairs to also take into consideration this Petition of more than 5,000 members of the Australian Public in Granting us a Favourable Decision in the Provision of a Permanent Visa!

We now wait and pray for a Permanent Visa as our family has not been able to work for 6 months now! We can support ourselves but have been taken away our essential ingredient to independently provide the basic needs for our children. 

Again, thank you everyone for your amazing support to date.

PS - Please continue to sign and share our petition until we get a response from the Minister’s office! 

Please pray for us! 

Lots of Love from Mandy, Steve, Megan and Rosie

Our story...

We are the Plumridge family...Steve, Amanda (Mandy), Megan & Rosie
We have a franchise business in Perth which has been a huge success! It has won awards! We have actively been involved in the community and have created business opportunities for Australian citizens!
We provide therapeutic drama classes for children. We are inclusive of all children working closely with disadvantaged families and individuals with learning difficulties.


My husband Steve works for the WA autism association with vulnerable adults. Megan is 18 years old and has her cert 3 in childcare. She has also past her driving test. While Rosie is a role model student at Belridge senior school.

However, we have been victims of legislation changes and delayed processing times!
In the 4 years that we have lived here we have been fighting a constant stressful battle which has had a detrimental affect our our well-beings.
Here are the changes in goal posts in regards to migration, which have affected our lives here...
*Abolishing the self sponsored 457 visa
*Perth no longer being classified as regional
*Drama teacher has been taken off most occupation lists
*Age limited reduce to 45 years old

In a nutshell, we are being chastised for our first year of trading because a migration officer speculated that the company couldn’t sustain employment over a 2 year period.
We have been fighting this ever since costing us and our company thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees over the past 3 years!

We have done nothing but contribute to the economy, paying our taxes and liabilities. Also our drama program is of exceptional value!

We are reaching out to anyone that can help or support us! We are currently going for ministerial intervention so he can look at our case without all of this red tape

We have had a lot of support from the local businesses that we work in partnership with, we appreciate this truly!

Our newest update is that we have been given a bridging visa with no work rights! This is because the submission was compiled over the Christmas period and delayed by one day.

We haven’t been able to work since Christmas and now living on friends and the community to support us as we are financially exhausted. 

We are now powerless and need to reach out to the Honourable David Coleman to use his Ministerial intervention and make our family smile again! 

Perth is our home and our family are here! 

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5,487 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!